Wittness dating

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In one situation where an elder started to lose his faith and challenge the group, he said they allegedly denounced him and spread gossip about him, pressuring him "so much he jumped into a river and killed himself".

When asked how women were regarded in JW society, the former elder said they were thought of as "a complement for a man", adding: "She should be submissive to her husband, who is the head of their family and it is he who makes all the important decisions.

It isn’t just a living arrangement worked out by two rational, conscious people.

"They basically value the 'good name of the organisation' more than the safety of the children," he adds.He really won't budge too much or compromise, but says he's in love with me. --Ashley Dear Ashley, Falling in love is a creative kind of craziness.You lose perspective, become obsessed, and do silly things.Marriage is all about budging and allowing room for two thoughtful and complicated adults to work out their lives in love and real companionship.Recently, our church receptionist let me know about a Christian woman who was seeking advice regarding a situation where her grandson was planning to marry a Jehovah’s Witness.

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